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 Doug Beavers with "Popular Music in American Culture" (Music 12) Lecture Class - Los Medanos College, Pittsburg CA

Doug Beavers with "Popular Music in American Culture" (Music 12) Lecture Class - Los Medanos College, Pittsburg CA

At core of Doug Beavers' musical concept lies the belief that one's teachings and experiences in the "real world" of music must be propagated so that advancement in the art itself is possible. Based on this belief, Doug Beavers has gained a reputation as being a music educator with a direct, concise, and intuitive delivery that excites all within attendance and encourages listening ears of all levels to focus in on the material at hand.

To this end, the following innovative programs have been developed to introduce students to musical concepts that were introduced to Doug by way of real-world musical situations, in a multitude of genres. These ideas have been translated into the common language that is used in today's musical education and will be conveyed to the student by way of masterclasses or more interactive clinics.

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Current educational posts

Clinics & Masterclasses Offered

Jazz Trombone

  • Tone Quality
  • Harmonic Application and treatment as related to the trombone
  • Jazz Agility Exercises

Arranging & Composition

  • Historical Perspective and Analysis of the greats—Nelson Riddle, Gil Evans, Sammy Nestico 
  • Arranging in the Modern Era— modern harmony and voice-leading
  • Sibelius & Finale 2010 as applied to jazz arranging, reducing playback dependency

Afro-Cuban/Carribean Masterclass

  • Historical background and chronology—from religious chants to modern era recordings
  • Roles of the instruments utilized in the idiom with audio and written examples
  • Survey of rare and unreleased recordings, with analyses and transcriptions 

What is Clave?

  • Identifying and improvising in and out of clave
  • Improvising off the dominant chord to achieve a maximum degree of tension and release
  • Basic explanation of clave

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Skype® Online Lessons Available

  • Trombone technique & applications
  • Afro-Cuban Improvisation
  • Composition
  • Arranging
  • Production


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