Latino Magazine

Another instrument that fights to get the respect it deserves is the trombone. It has generally been overshadowed in most styles of Latin music by the trumpet, flute, piano, and a bevy of percussion devices. Doug Beavers, the son of a Spanish mother who grew up in the Bay Area and earned his stripes as a first class trombonist a decade ago in pianist Eddie Palmieri’s band, proves that the ‘bone, indeed, is both bold and beautiful on his powerhouse release Titanes del Trombón (Artistshare). Beavers enlists the talents of pianist Oscar Hernández of Spanish Harlem Orchestra fame, legendary salsa trombonist Reynaldo Jorge, and other greats on a session that ranges from Palmieri flavored, fire-breathing salsa and vintage Cuban forms to breezy Brazilian fare and luxurious bolero-style balladry. With a passion for crafting sophisticated arrangements, Beavers makes use of French horns, a tuba, strings, harp, and a glockenspiel to deliver a nuanced sound. It all works magically.