Editor's Pick:
Boom! I just received the cd promo of Doug Beaver's Titanes Del Trombon project and I can safely say that it's a monster. The production embodies the spirit of Palmieri, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, a bit of Cachao ...and Descarga! Do not hesitate. If you need a reminder of why you originally fell in love this music, well here it is.  
With singers Frankie Vazquez, Carlos Cascante, Marco Bermudez, Jorge Maldonado, and Héctor Aponte. The stellar band is made up of  
Conrad Herwig, Luis Bonilla, Reynaldo Jorge, Rey David Alejandre, Raul Agraz, John Walsh, Oscar Hernandez, Zaccai Curtis, Edsel Gomez,  
Luisito Quintero, George Delgado, Eddie Montalvo, Dafnis Prieto and many other highly regarded musicians. 
A huge DJ Alert, and a must-have for all of us who are discerning about our music. - BP
A big DJ Alert, and Highly Recommended